maxi dress

I’m attempting to make some summer clothes for my sister, so we went to buy some stretchy fabric and found some really lovely stuff. I made this one by making a case and putting elastic through the top and then a thinned piece of elastic near the waist so that some fabric would sort of go over the top, still need to hem it but this is how it looks 



another book clutch bag

I made this one a little differently, by taking all of the pages out completely and glueing fabric in instead. But i didn’t make the fabric wide enough so it doesn’t open up really, its wide enough to fit a phone, money and keys in though for a night out ImageImage


Book clutch bag

I had a go at making a couple of book bags in a few different ways, some working better than others…heres one of them where i cut the pages out and glued the edge, and then glued a clasp in, however I used a hot glue gun that doesn’t appear to work on metal because it just peeled off one side, think i need some super glue or something. 


Chair Up-Cycle

My boyfriend managed to get me a chair from work for free!

It had been left out in the rain so it was a bit manky.

I took off the buttons stripped all the fabric and sponge and then left t to dry.

Then I sanded it down, primed it and spray painted it.

I found some lovely fabric and stapled it on over the sponge, which wasn’t quite the right shape so had to cut it down a bit.

Here are the pictures:


Bow headband

One of my friends told me I should try to make head bands…so I had a try, and this is how it worked out
I followed a tutotail that I found online from happy together
And then I made a bow from a different fabric.
I knew that I saved all those scraps of fabric for something!


wedding veil

My sister is getting married in July and I am absolutely outraged at how expensive a veil is!! In fact its outrageous how expensive everything is, but I mainly care about a veil, which lets face it is like a net curtain attached to a comb and put into your hair…ish.

So I’m having a go at making one myself.

I bought netting and practised the shape on that, and when that went okay I bought some organza type of fabric, which isn’t quite the same as soft tulle, but between knowing that this is going to be a practice, and that it was really nice soft flowy fabric i decided to get it.

I also had a huge problem getting to grips between the different between the million and one different types of of white! But I had a lot of help from my boyfriends mum! 🙂 I also bought plain ribbon for the trim and a comb to put it on. I bought enough of it all to make about 3, because practice makes perfect! It probably cost me about £8-£10 for the stuff for one veil!

I folded the fabric in half and half again and cut the corner off in a rounded sort of shape

Then I opened it up again and moved the fold so that the front was higher than the back, I looked at loads of different patterns and blogs to get an idea of what i should be doing, but this one definitely made it really clear in my mind

Once I had gathered the top and put it onto the comb, I added the ribbon to the bottom.

Then I trimmed of the extra bits, I haven’t this time but if I do it properly, I will probably put it on both times to make it neater.

It worked out pretty well and only took me one night to do it. Who wants to buy it for £200???



Blanket box up-cycle

I havent posted anything on here for a while with it being christmas, but now I have loads to share!

I bought this blanket/toy box from a craft place called Lady Heyes in Frodsham for £16

I sanded the wood down first, then I spray painted the sides blue and went over the the white bits with a cream colour, mainly to go over the brush strokes.

Then when i was out shopping i found some lovely wallpaper that i could use inside. When i got home, with the help of my sister i decided to use it on the lid instead, here it is: